• Ticket (per person)14,99

  • Coffee2,00

  • Tea2,00

  • Spring water2,00

  • Cola (regular)3,00

  • Ice Tea Green3,00

  • Fanta3,00

  • Beer3,50

  • Wine (white)4,00

  • Wine (rosé)4,00

  • Wine (red)4,00

  • Stuffed cake (De Molen's Banket)2,00

  • Pink cake (Echte Enkhuizer)2,00

  • Belgian sugar waffle2,00

Group sailing (private)Price
  • Boat hire for up to 30 people (1 hour)295

  • Boat hire for up to 30 people (2 hours)395

  • Boat hire for up to 90 people (1 hour)495

  • Boat hire for up to 90 people (2 hours)695

  • Options (per person)

  • BBQ with chef and drinks (5 different pieces of meat, salad, sauces, baguette, and herb butter + 4 drinks)39,50

  • Drinks unlimited (1 hour)14,99

  • Drinks unlimited (2 hours)19,99

  • Chips/nuts unlimited 4,50

  • Additional order, each

  • Mega icebox25,00

Rent a boat (per hour)Price
  • Boat up to 7 persons (electric)27,50

  • Boat up to 12 people37,50

  • Suppen12,00

  • Options

  • Cool box with ice7,50

  • Cool box with ice and 5 drinks of your choice16,50

  • Cool box with ice and 12 drinks of your choice35,00

  • Coke can (33 cl)3,00

  • Canned Ice Tea Green (33 cl)3,00

  • Can of Fanta (33 cl)3,00

  • Spring water (33 cl)2,00


What our customers say

    J. de Jong

    Rented a whisper boat last night. Had a wonderful time cruising. Excellent service and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended!

    M. Hofman

    On a balmy evening, it is great to cruise through the beautiful canals of Zwolle! Thank you for your kindness and great service!

    L. Bloemendal

    Good boats and nice cruising routes.


    M. Nusman

    Great help from the staff, very social guy! The boats are top notch.


    E. Habets

    Lovely, relaxing boat trip with cosy skipper and tasty BBQ!



    Enthusiastic skipper and friendly staff.


    C. de Vries

    Very nice day today, great sailing, nice weather, nice people and super tasty lunch on board. Highly recommended!


    J. de Groot

    Did a wonderful anyway through Zwolle in a beautiful boat