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Here you will find the sights you will encounter when booking a canal cruise ticket or private group cruise. Would you like to see the routes you can sail when renting your own boat from us? Then click on the button below to download the sailing map of Zwolle.

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The canals of Zwolle

Zwolle, a beautiful fortified city in the Netherlands, is known for its picturesque canals that are an integral part of the city's historic charm. An interesting fact is that Zwolle's canals were originally constructed as defensive works during the Middle Ages.

In the 14th century, the canals were dug to protect the city from enemy attacks and invaders. They served as a water barrier around the city walls and provided an additional line of defense. Over time, the canals evolved from purely defensive structures into trade routes that connected the city with other parts of the Netherlands.

Today, the canals of Zwolle are an idyllic backdrop for boat trips and walks along the water. You can enjoy historic bridges, picturesque houses, and charming squares lining the canals. The rich history of the canals reflects Zwolle's transformation from a medieval fortified city to a vibrant and welcoming destination for both its residents and tourists. Exploring these waterways offers a unique perspective on the history and character of Zwolle.